About TEK Services

"TEK Connex you to the world." We have been in the business of designing and hosting websites since 1997.

TEK Services understands small business. As a small business owner or manager, you don't have the luxury of hiring an IT staff to handle your online website and internet presence. You don't want to learn HTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript or any of the technical requirements for designing and maintaining a quality and responsive web presence.

TEK Services provides a fully managed service and will work with you to get your website designed, functional and online quickly, efficiently and affordably. Your website is monitored and administered by experienced professionals.

When you need modifcations or updates, our trained staff can have them done quickly and efficiently... sometimes while you're still on the telephone with the support technician. Usually all it takes is a phone call, email or IM chat to get changes made and updates online in hours, not weeks or months.

TEK Services uses the latest in modern server and website administration services and tools. We have had over 15 years experience in administering servers and helping our customers with their online business. Too many "webmasters" want to use flashy new, bleeding edge website tricks... just for the sake of using them. Many of these webpage design techniques actually penalize the website in their search engine rankings.

Since it has been shown that over 80% of business comes from or through search engines, TEK Services optimized pages so that the search engine spyders can access, read and index your website, providing listings that potential customers can actually use. We make sure that your webpages don't "suck". No "Mystery Meat Navigation ", no flashy, distracting animations, no eye-bleeding colors. Just good, solid professional design that gives your business a professional look and intuitive feel.

Put your business on our network!

Having a well designed website is only the start. If your prospective business client has to sit more than a few seconds while your webpage loads before they see something useful, you will lose that potential client as they move on to somewhere else. So having the server on a high speed, 125 Gigabit outgoing network gets something on the screen fast. And storing your website on solid state drives instead of spinning platter hard drives serves your website to that network with blazing speed.

TEK Services can register a domain name for you, set it up on the fast server in literally hours, then handle all the information management, updates and renewals that are required by the internet domain authorities - leaving you free to handle your business. We can even provide temporary or one time hosting on one of our domains, saving you time and money. Let TEK handle the intricacies of the process while you concentrate on your business. TEK Services has been registering domains and hosting websites on them since 1997.

We still believe in the old fashioned quality service and customer satisfaction- seemingly outdated concepts in this internet age. But having happy, satisfied customers who tell others is still the best form of advertising. Let us be your "tek geeks " and help you put your best professional business face on the web.

"We have designs on the web - since 1997"

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New high speed server with 40 Gbit network in and 125 Gbit network out, SSD storage for blazing speed.

Web hosting from as little as $5 per month.